Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Some thought on Crimson Sword Saga trilogy

Hi everyone!

I am thinking of doing a third game for crimson sword saga
named crimson sword saga: tactics. I want to use srpg studio
to do that but the program is only in japanese. It is possible to create
an entirely english game but it will be a lot of work.
I plan to remake the first game as a tactical RPG.
Gameplay was heavily inspired by fire emblem after all.
The script will be entirely rewritten with less characters (around 20)
and it will be inspired by der langrisser,
and less sides (no more Zaniga and Hudoan)
and a new path (Much like independent path in der langrisser).
Expect some changes (rebalance) to gameplay and new tracks (classical music)
as well.

Concerning the tower of brax, the game is progressing quickly,
it may be released in a few months.

I now plan to do a short break, I have quite a lot of J-RPG
to play! ^_^

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