Friday, 20 October 2017

Some News on Crimson sword saga and retirement

Hi everyone!

I have released part I of my new game: tactics on Steam. After some thinking, I have decided to drop the part I and release the full game for 0.99$ on Steam. The Peloran Wars was pretty much a prototype for tactics. Tactics is really the game I have always wanted to create. It is progressing quickly and the full game will be released in a few weeks. You can expect high discount for the Peloran Wars and tactics for Steam autumn and Winter sales. I don't plan bundles for tactics (no Steam Keys) So if you want it you have to purchase it on Steam.

Finally, I will take a long hiatus after Tactics. The Tower of Brax will be the last game of the Crimson Sword Saga trilogy. But for now it is on hold. And I plan to retire after finishing the trilogy.

Thank you for your support,
David Nguyen.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tactics Part I Options

The game has the same options as Vestaria Saga
(a game made with Srpg Studio by the creator of fire emblem).
Source: Serenes Forest
 “Config” brings up a variety of game settings that can be adjusted:

Option Explanation
Background Music Volume 100% by default; can be changed in increments of 25%.
Sound Effect Volume 75% by default; can be changed in increments of 25%.

Real Battle Style On by default. “On” shows battle scenes, while “Off” shows map battles.
Auto Turn End
On by default. After moving every playable character, the player’s turn automatically ends.
Enemy Turn Skip

Off by default. Skips the entire enemy phase (1). Speeds up the entire enemy phase(2).
Map Grid Off by default. Displays a grid on the map.
Unit Speed Normal by default. Affects the speed that units move on the map.
Message Speed

Normal by default. Affects the speed that text is displayed during messages.
Unit Status
HP Display
Shadow Display
On by default. Displays a unit’s status in the Unit Menu.
Off by default. Display HP (1). Display HP Bars (2).
Off by default. Display Shadow.
Load Command On by default. Enables the “Load” command from the Map Menu.
Auto Cursor On by default. At the start of each turn, the cursor moves straight to the Leader Unit.
Mouse Controls Off by default. Enables mouse controls.
Mouse Cursor Tracking Off by default. Automatically tracks the mouse cursor.

Tactics Part I controls

The game has the same controls as Vestaria Saga
(a game made with Srpg Studio by the creator of fire emblem).
Source: Serenes Forest
Game Controls: There are three supported control schemes.

By default the Game pad works with DirectInput.
To change Game pad to Xinput, go to the game folder,
open the game.ini with Notepad and change this line:

Game pad DirectInput (Xinput)


Button Menus Dialogue
Directional Pad Select command Not used
A (X) Confirm command Advance dialogue
B (Y) Cancel command (or go back), close menu window Speed up dialogue
Start Skip battle scene Skip dialogue




Button Function
Z (Enter) Confirm command etc.
X (Ctrl) Cancel command etc.
Space Skip dialogue and battle scene
F4 Toggle window and full screen mode
F12 Reset game
A Move cursor to previous character
S Move cursor to next character




Button Function
Left Click Confirm command etc.
Right Click Cancel command etc., skip scenes
Middle Scroll data, toggle selected character on the map

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Some thought on Crimson Sword Saga trilogy

Hi everyone!

I am thinking of doing a third game for crimson sword saga
named crimson sword saga: tactics. I will use srpg studio
to do that but the program is only in japanese. It is possible to create
an entirely english game but it will be a lot of work.

The script will be inspired by langrisser/warsong (the first one).
There will be 14 scenarios (short map) and gameplay will be inspired
by fire emblem. Music are mostly piano concerto/sonata (Rachmaninov, Beethoven)

Concerning the tower of brax, it may be released soon at the price of 0.99$

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Tower of Brax and some comments [greenlight]

The tower of Brax is on greenlight!
Here is the link:
Please support my game!

Now some comments:

There will be no in-game tutorial, I plan to do a pdf manual instead.
Reading it is recommended before you play the game.

It will be my last rpg maker game so I will work really hard on this one!
But I plan to create more games (with other engines) in the future so stay tuned!

It seems that greenlight is closing down soon. I will use steam direct

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Discount and Price drop on The Peloran Wars

Hi everyone! I will list here discounts and price drop for The Peloran Wars.

Old Price: 4.99$
Current Price: 1.99$


Launch discount: -20% 06/01/2017 to 13/01/2017
Weekly deal: -40% 13/03/2017 to 20/03/2017
Weekly deal: -60% 15/05/2017 to 22/05/2017
Steam sales: -70% ???
Weekly deal: -50% 31/07/2017 to 07/08/2017


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Characters [The tower of Brax]

There will be 4 main characters :


























There will be 4 main enemies :








Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The tower of Brax: ideas and concept

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since the last article on my blog!

Unfortunately I haven't got much feedback for my first game:
the Peloran wars. I will still update my game with user's feedback
to correct bug and adjust gameplay. It is really important for me to
have feedback and reviews to know what player like or not and to
improve my game as well. Thank you for your support!

Now on the main part of this post: The tower of Brax!
It will be the next game of the Crimson sword saga.
And it will be made with rpg maker mv.

The game will be a long dungeon (only) RPG with many
floors, so there is no town and only one NPC who is
a traveller (like in Bravely Default) and a merchant btw.

The story and script will be inspired by vagrant story.
Unlike The Peloran wars, it will be more focused on a
small cast of characters. You will side with the side
of light (Alliance).
The focus will also be on the crimson sword which power
is said to surpass even Gods.

The gameplay will be inspired by Final Fantasy 5
and Final Fantasy Tactics (formulas, jobs, ATB, sideview combat)
with four heroes and a job system (with passive and active skills).
There will be around 32 jobs.

The graphics will be stock asset again which are
fine imo. Enemies will be mostly human (morph)
and I will use the rpg maker mv character
generator to model the enemies.

The music will be from rpgmaker mv and rpg maker xp.
Maybe there will be classical music (I was thinking
of using opera music for dungeon exploring like in
Legend of Heroes: Trails of cold steel 2)

So far I am using Yanfly plugins which are really great.
Player can freely change encounter rate in the option
(like in Bravely Default). Of course I plan to implement
more plugins later.

Finally I will include cheats but it will be less confusing.
It will be accessible from the merchant, you can increase
xp, gold, job point and teleport every XX floors freely.
I will warn the player to not use it if the player want a normal play.

I have a first draft of the script!
I plan to continue to work with David Chang.
I am really pleased with his work on The Peloran wars.

And that's about it! Don't expect a lot of update,
I am pretty busy right now. Though the Tower of Brax
will be a lot less time consuming than the Peloran wars.